Model trains come in many different scales, which is the ratio between the real thing and the model train. One of those scales is the N class that is second only to the most popular HO model. According to the scale chart the N class ratio is 1:148 irrespective of the particular train that it is imitating.

One of the major problems that train collectors generally face is finding the right kind of space where they can display their model railroad layout. The fact that the N scale model trains are small in size allows them to be displayed on a relatively small surface. Collectors have said that this is one of the biggest factors contributing to the popularity of this scale. Even collectors living in apartments may find the space to put up a layout.

A big advantage of the N scale is that, due to its size, it allows you to create a detailed railroad layout. The size is perfect, since it is large enough to display sufficient detail in the locomotive and cars and yet small enough to allow for an extremely elaborate model railroad layout with very detailed topography and cities. In other words, it is not so small that you can’t work with it, and yet, not so large that you can’t manage it. Hence forth, for many collectors, it is the perfect fit.

N scale model trains are also preferred because of the high level of detailing that can be found on them. It is important to know that the N scale is not the smallest of the model trains. The Z scale model trains are much smaller and may be a good fit for people with very little space. Those who purchase the Z scale will compromise on the quality of the detail to the train, as they do not offer the realistic visible aspect that you are able to find with the N scale.

Price is yet another advantage of collecting the N scale model train over the HO or other larger trains. In recent years this particular scale has gained a lot of popularity and the net result is a reduction of the selling price. Since it has become so popular, the overall production of the N scale toy model train has increased. And with all markets price is driven by supply and demand. Since supply is up manufacturers are selling them at a lower market price. Furthermore, you will be able to find a wide variety of accessories catering to this scale at an affordable price.

There are also a wide variety of fuel choices in the N scale model trains. Electric powered trains are by far the most popular. For collectors, the electric model is also considered to be the best choice. Steam powered models are also very popular in the N scale along with an electric version that creates a steam effect.

The N class has been around since 1927 although it was not commercially produced until 1962. If you are considering getting into model railroad collecting the N scale may be the perfect fit for you. I would suggest that you visit a model train show in your area before you begin to invest in this hobby. Getting off to the right start will on increase your enjoyment of this great hobby. Good luck and happy collecting.

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